Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, The Walking Dead: Season 7 and Grimm Season 6

Zombies and other monsters created in the world of comics often get main roles in different cult TV series. Today’s poet is about three sci-fi fantasy series: Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, The Walking Dead: Season 7 and Grimm Season 6. Let’s have a quick look at plot and process of filming + details of the release dates and possible renewals.

Fear the Walking Dead was created by Robert Kirkman together with Dave Erickson. The series was released as a companion series to The Walking Dead, describing the events that led to zombie apocalypse. This prequel horror drama is based on the comic books created by Robert Kirkman together with Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. In the beginning, the action takes place in Los Angeles. Fear the Walking Dead follows several characters at the very start of the apocalypse. The series was renewed. Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 is going to consist of 16 episodes. Season 3 is planned to be released somewhere in 2017. The exact release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3

Well, the prequel was created on the base of another cult series about zombie apocalypse – The Walking Dead. It’s a lot more impressive with epic action, vivid characters, unpredictable circumstances and unbelievable events. This horror drama series was created by Frank Darabont on the base of comic books created by Rober Kirkman. The leading character is portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. He acts as Rick Grimes. One day he awakens in the abandoned hospital and discovers a world filled with zombies. He manages to reunite with his family and becomes a leader in a group of survivors looking for shelter, weapons and food. They pass through a number of complications travelling around the country, meeting dangerous people and getting into life-threatening circumstances. The premiere episode of The Walking Dead was released on the 31st of October 2010. The 7th season is on the go! The Walking Dead: Season 7 is planned to be released on the 23rd of October.The Walking Dead: Season 7

Now let’s move into a slightly different direction and review a supernatural drama series Grimm. It appeared on TV in October of 2011. That’s a cop drama with a number of twists. It’s a dark fairy-tale project inspired by Grimm Brothers’ stories. However, many characters in the show were drawn from other fantasy sources. Nick Burkhardt, the main character of the show works in Portland Police Department. In the course of the series, he gets to know that he belongs to a family of Grimms — the guardians able to intercept with the world of mythological creatures. He bravely carries out the battle against a number of strange and extremely dangerous creatures. He was the only one who could see these things and his ability became his duty, his calling, his devotion. Sad news! The 6th season is planned to be the last one in the project. The premiere of Grimm Season 6 is set for the 6th of January 2017.

Grimm Season 6

Grimm has got to a logical end, but don’t get upset. The final season of the good-old project is going to reveal all of the mysteries left giving way to new ideas and fantasy projects. Thanks to Robert Kirkman we’ve got two perfect series to watch this autumn – zombie apocalypse creates a certain addictive and unforgettable atmosphere making us imagine ourselves in the same circumstances.